Madame XD CDs
    Detroit, Michigan - Xiao Dong Wei's latest offering will be in the form of
a 7" - 45 rpm vinyl record. Taking on the persona of "Madame XD", Xiao Dong plays her erhu, guzheng, pipa and sings in Mandarin and English, in much more of a rock and roll type setting. 

All songs are co-written by Xiao Dong and Ken Hottmann, who plays bass, guitars and guzheng. 
Side 1-'Black Silk'  
Xiao Dong on the erhu, guzheng, cello and vocals.
Ken Hottmann on guitars and bass.
Jon Dameron on drums. 

Side 2
-'Liar Liar' 
XD on erhu and vocals.
Ken Hottmann on bass and guitars.
Greg Neils on lead guitar.
Jon Dameron on drums.
Keith Beber
on percussion.
A full CD is in the process of being recorded.
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©Xiao Dong Wei